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E-10/15 Fuel Conditioner/Stabilizer


Prevents Ethanol Problems

ETHANOL is a strong solvent that will strip away varnish and gum build-up on the walls of the fuel tank and within the fuel delivery system. The residue can clog filters, injectors and carburetors.

PEP is a fuel conditioner that cleans injectors and carburetors of residues, while its antioxidants and degummers help fight resin deposits and gum formation.

ETHANOL contains only about ⅔ the energy of gasoline, giving  E-10/15 poorer fuel economy, slower throttle response and carbon deposits due to unburnt fuel.

PEP is a powerful performance enhancer and will readily remove carbon deposits.

ETHANOL fuel E-10/15 begins to

break-down after about 30 days.

PEP is a fuel stabilizer with antioxidants, inhibitors and metal deactivators designed to keep E-10/15 fresh for longer periods.

ETHANOL attracts moisture into the fuel (E-10/15), which can cause corrosion.

PEP has been formulated to be a first class corrosion preventative in E-10/15.

ETHANOL combines with water in E-10/15 and they dissociates from the gasoline and drop to the bottom of the fuel tank where the mixture can cause severe problems if it gets into the engine.

PEP will absorb moisture and so retard any phase separation from the gasoline.

ETHANOL based products added to E-10/15 fuel can lead to additional engine problems.

PEP does not contain any ethanol nor methanol.

      PROBLEM                               SOLUTION

Ethanol has replaced MTBE across the USA as the oxygenation additive in gasoline, to curb exhaust emissions. However, the E-10/15 fuel can cause a multitude of problems in 2 and 4 cycle engines. MDR’s PEP has been formulated to help prevent those problems from occurring.


use 1 oz. to 10 gallons, each fill-up.


use 1 oz. to 5 gallons.

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