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Damp Away’s standard basket dehumidifier (MDR-301) includes one 450 gr tablet, while the Mega Basket (MDR-305), designed for larger spaces, includes two tablets totaling 900 gr.  Tablet refills (MDR-302) are available from our better marine outlets.

Test 1 shows results carried out in forced humidity.

Test 2 shows results in normal humidity conditions.

Note: In both cases the TABLET absorbs 5x the amount of moisture over the loose salts.

The graph shows an average of the results obtained in the above tests.

Note: By day 25 the loose salts have absorbed less than 25 gr. of liquid, as compared to the more than 200 gr. absorbed by the tablet.

This graph shows the final performance of both the tablet and the loose salts.

Test 1 shows the results in normal humidity conditions.

Test 2 shows results in forced humidity using a humidifier.

Note: In both cases the TABLET performed much better than the loose salts.

Damp Away’s Basket and Tablet dehumidifiers are the latest technology in absorbing humidity (moisture) right out of the air in order to keep mold and mildew in check.  The new 450 gr patented tablet is wrapped in a microfiber cloth which allows more moisture to be absorbed, while keeping the container free of any residue.  Once the tablet is used up, the microfiber also makes the job of replacing the tablet, using Damp Away’s refills, as clean and easy as possible.  Pour spouts are molded into the container to make liquid removal easy and clean.  The upper basket allows the moisture in the air to readily reach the tablet (for absorption) all the while keeping the tablet safely in place.

Damp Away “Tablets”,

the Latest Technology

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